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About Kiasu Maths

Our Approach

JC Math Tuition can be challenging and exciting depending on the student’s determination to learn, and of course, the effectiveness of the teaching method used. We firmly believe that cultivating an impeccable foundation in mathematics is crucial to attaining distinction in your A level or O level examinations. As such, we adopt a logical and step-by-step approach to imparting the subject in order to ensure a comprehensive understanding of all our students. We want to help everyone, no matter his learning capabilities, excel in JC H2 Math Tuition. Thus, we also advocate a fun learning environment to cultivate true interest in mathematics.

Are you ready to excel? Join Kiasu Maths and let us make mathematics easy for you!


We break down complex topics into small, simple steps that students can follow easily.


Who says mathematics is boring? Our classes are engaging so that students are kept fully focused and ready to learn. We believe that only with true interest will students be willing to invest time and effort.


Through our step-by-step approach, coupled with a fun learning environment, we build rock-solid foundations in our students so that they excel to their best potential in examinations.

JC H2 Math

Just like any other academic level, Junior College consists of various subjects that the student must pass in order to graduate. Apart from the fact that the student may not be inclined in some of the subjects, there is also this logic that he/she must do well on the subjects related to his/her career choice. Should the student wish to pursue a career in relation to STEM or Science, Technology & Mathematics, he/she needs to gain mastery in Mathematics. Thus, it is best to get JC H2 Math Tuition in Singapore. Majority of the difficult topics in Mathematics fall on H2 category. This is why taking an H2 Math Tuition is essential to understand the subjects better. Here at Kiasu Maths, we offer a comprehensive approach in our best H2 Math Tuition for JC students.

O-Level E Math

The first stages in your child’s academic journey are the most crucial ones. In fact, in Mathematics, the lessons that are being taught in O-level serve as building blocks for most of the future lessons in the subject. Missing or failing to understand some of these fundamentals will lead to more difficulty as the student move up the academic ladder. This is why enrolling in an O-level Math Tuition is essential. At Kiasu Maths, we use interactive and concentrated approach when teaching for O-level Math Tuition so the students will be able to absorb and retain the knowledge they learned after each session. Enrol now!

O-Level A Math

Moving up to the higher steps of the academic ladder is good news, but we should expect lessons to be more challenging and complex once our children reach that level. Letting your child attend an A-Maths Tuition in Singapore will do wonders for his/her learning development. Not only will he/she be enjoying a more focused learning environment but will also be acquainted with peers who are aiming to do well on the same subject. Our A-Maths Tuition will give your child the numerical skills as well as confidence to solve equations and be ready for the A-level exam.

Testimonials From Our Students

Hear about how our students have benefited from our classes!!!

Hey Kenneth! Thanks for your patience and guidance in H2 Math! I got an A for A Levels. Wouldn't have done it without your help!! 😊
Jurong Junior College
Before joining Teacher Kenneth’s class, my additional math was an F9 and I struggled with a lot of topics. But during his classes, even though he would only spend around 5-10 minutes to explain each topic to me, i instantly understood how to do all of the questions and even the TYS became no issue for me.
Victoria School
Kenneth is a very patient person and has helped me in pushing my H2 math grades up. I’m really glad I engaged him as my tutor because his lessons indeed helped me to bridge the concepts I did not manage to pick up in school, allowing me to score better in my exams!!
Li Ying
Catholic Junior College

Our Track Record

100% improvement. Each and every single student improved after 2 months with Kiasu Maths.

90% distinction rate. Over 90% went on to score ‘A’ in their respective national examinations.

As a Maths Tuition Centre in the North area of Singapore, we are ever proud of our student’s achievements in their Mathematics examinations. Apart from bringing good news to their families, it is also proof that our teaching methodology has served its purpose of improving our students’ academic performance. We have a track record of 100% Mathematics skills improvement and high rates of qualifiers for National examinations.

Conveniently Located

Our centres are located at:

Ang Mo Kio
Blk 422
Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3
Singapore 560422

Bukit Panjang
Hillion Mall
10 Jelebu Road
Singapore 677672


Blk 37
Sembawang Crescent
Singapore 756986