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What is an O-Level Math Tuition?

Are you the type of student who hates numbers? Or does it feel like the numbers hate you? To tell you the truth, there is a good chance that you are NOT really bad at Mathematics. It is more likely that you have yet to find the right way to study the subject. O-level Math Tuition is designed to help students perform better in their Mathematics subject.

Mathematics is a really complicated subject. For this reason, many students dread studying Math. However, in reality, a systematic and tailored approach in teaching Math lessons can give the student the proper leverage to take on the subject at school. Here at Kiasu Maths, no matter what mode of learning the student feel comfortable with, we are trying our best to reach out.
Our teaching methodology for Ordinary level Mathematics includes fun and interactive activities so the students will not see Mathematics as a complex, difficult and intimidating subject. Both our head tutor and associate tutor are always doing their best to provide lessons that will cater to every learning capabilities our students possess.

Enrol your child in our O-Level Math Tuition to help him/her excel in his academic subjects!

What is an O-Level Math Tuition?

Kiasu Maths is the home of many students who are interested in learning Mathematics and excelling in the subject. Apart from preparing the students for the GCE exams, we also train them to confidently solve Mathematical problems using the right formulas and explain their answers with clarity. Holistic learning is the hallmark of our O-level Math Tuition in Singapore. We take O-level Maths with utmost importance as this will be the fundamental of most Mathematics lessons the students will face in the future. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Kiasu Maths to hone your child’s Mathematical skills:

  • Strategic Location and Class Schedule

One of the most neglected factors that affect the students’ performance in Mathematics subjects is the physical stress it causes to attend a distant tuition centre just after the exhausting school hours. Thus, we make our tuition centre as close to the neighbourhood as possible. We also make the class schedule in such a way that it will not add to the constraint being faced by the students especially throughout the academic year. You may inquire through our contact page for the class schedule for our O-level Math Tuition to learn more about your options.

  • Proven Teaching Methodologies

Kiasu Maths has been providing both Elementary and Advanced Level Mathematics for our O-level Math Tuition. Our teaching methodology revolves around the combination of understanding and memorising the formulas and applying them to equations. We also employ real life examples so the students can better relate to the Mathematical problems and understand them better. Our learning setup is also being limited to a small group so the students can easily address their questions to the tutor. This methodology has been proven to work on improving the class performance of the students as well as helping them get a good score in the GCE exam.

  • Our Dedicated Tutors

Our O-level Maths tutors are able to entice learners with their compelling teaching approach. They are well-experienced in teaching young learners and communicate with them in a light and friendly way. Our tutors are regarded among students for being accommodating and engaging. We also aim to help our students in every way possible. Thus, we allow communication outside the class hours. Our lines are open should the learner need to clarify something or need help in their Mathematics homework anytime outside the schedule. We especially entertain questions when the GCE exam is approaching as we understand that most students enrol in our O-level Math Tuition to prepare for the examination.

While Mathematics is not everyone’s cup of tea, we at Kiasu Maths believe that every learner has the capability to understand the subject and do well with it given the proper guidance. Our O-level Math Tuition is aimed at encouraging students to be more confident in solving mathematical problems and giving them the fundamental knowledge to learn the subject with more efficiency. Join our community of Mathematics enthusiasts today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Kiasu Maths offers the best O-level Math Tuition in Singapore since its inception. We have credible and friendly maths tutors who are able to provide the guidance and training young learners need in order to stabilise their knowledge in the fundamentals of the Mathematics subject. We also keep in touch with our students outside the class hours for assistance.

O-level Math Tuition in Singapore is very much popular due to the fact that families are supportive of the Ministry of Education’s goal of furthering the level of proficiency among students from the grassroot. Moreover, attending an O-level Math tuition will prepare the child for taking the GCE exam which he/she must pass in order to move up the educational ladder.

There is not much of a disadvantage in taking private tuition, especially for O-level maths. In fact, taking an O-level Math Tuition in a reputable tuition centre will earn your child a lot of benefits when it comes to honing his/her numerical skills as well as preparing him/her for the exams.