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What is an O-Level Math Tuition?

Are you the type of student who hates numbers? Or does it feel like the numbers hate you? To tell you the truth, there is a good chance that you are NOT really bad at Mathematics. It is more likely that you have yet to find the right way to study the subject. O-level Math Tuition is designed to help students perform better in their Mathematics subject.

Mathematics is a really complicated subject. For this reason, many students dread studying Math. However, in reality, a systematic and tailored approach in teaching Math lessons can give the student the proper leverage to take on the subject at school. Here at Kiasu Maths, no matter what mode of learning the student feel comfortable with, we are trying our best to reach out.
Our teaching methodology for Ordinary level Mathematics includes fun and interactive activities so the students will not see Mathematics as a complex, difficult and intimidating subject. Both our head tutor and associate tutor are always doing their best to provide lessons that will cater to every learning capabilities our students possess.

Enrol your child in our O-Level Math Tuition to help him/her excel in his academic subjects!

Frequently Asked Questions

An O-level math tutoring service in Singapore may range from $25 to $80 per hour depending on the academic level of the learner and the qualifications of the tutor. O-level math tuition is being offered in Singapore from preschool level to secondary level.

There are several O-level math tuition centres in Singapore that offer hourly rates for their services. Likewise, part-time math tutors also have hourly rates most of the time. From preschool to secondary O-level math tuition service, the typical hourly rate ranges from $25 to $80.

There are numerous options for locating the top O-level math tutor in Singapore. You may, for example, solicit recommendations from your fellow parents. You can also read testimonials from previous students of a tuition center. Some people also rely on the tutor’s abilities and certifications.