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5 Ways That Mathematics Is Beneficial In Your Everyday Life

A good math tutor in Singapore goes a long way to bringing maths to life for students. But beyond just an academic subject, maths has numerous uses in daily life. Here are 5 ways that maths benefits students beyond the classroom and in everyday living.

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1. It helps you do daily calculations.

Many of us forget how integral mathematics is in our lives, such as the numerous calculations we make everyday. Be it comparing products for greater discounts, factoring in taxes when splitting the dinner bill with friends, or calculating the effective mileage of your car after each fuel top up, having a strong maths foundation does away with the need to reach for your phone’s calculator for every single calculation. Maths can also help in other areas such as time management and allocating time for various tasks and errands, as well as planning vacation trips or travel times to and from your destination.

2. It helps you handle your finances.

As students step into adulthood, they are expected to handle financial decisions as well. They range from calculating the interest to pay back on loans, estimated duration required for investments to turn a profit, or how to budget monthly expenses and allocate sufficient money for bills, savings, and living expenses. While daunting, a good foundation in maths helps students naturally ease into these expectations.

JC maths tuition centres help Singaporean students build up their expertise through constant revision and understanding maths concepts, which also opens the gateway to tertiary education and future careers. By starting early, students are able to perform to their fullest potential in their A-Levels and beyond.

3. It builds critical thinking skills.

With the digital era, fields such as computer science, data analytics, as well as UI/UX design are increasingly in demand and highly lucrative in salary. These fields require a strong familiarity with mathematical calculations, as well as applying critical thinking skills to novel problems that constantly surface. In turn, these majors are highly competitive to enroll into, requiring good grades to be eligible for applying.

JC math tuition centres in Singapore break down various complex topics to help students better understand them, supplementing them with constant rigorous practice and personal attention from tutors to help students excel in their A-Levels and step into these emerging careers.

4. It helps you appreciate art.

While art and maths have been perceived to be at opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of skills and application, art and music actually incorporate many elements of maths. Mathematical principles such as the golden ratio, linear perspective, as well as symmetry and geometric forms help bring some of the world’s most lauded artworks to life, with many artists consciously utilising these elements in their craft.

Music also incorporates time signatures, beats per minute, tempo and frequency in music theory, which combine together to make moving pieces. Be it creating or appreciating these forms of expression, maths provides a richer and more meaningful experience to life.

5. It lets you excel in your hobbies.

Many young adults are embracing sports and cooking as part of a vibrant lifestyle, and these hobbies also utilise elements in maths as well. Sports requires quick and effective decision making especially for team sports, while cooking requires the proper measurement of ingredients as well as properly measuring the time taken for various steps when following recipes. Maths trains students’ critical thinking and problem-solving under pressure in examination settings, allowing them to apply these skills into their pursuits and passions.

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