Kiasu Maths has established itself as a top tuition centre specialising in Mathematics, achieving 90% distinction and 100% improvement rate in the A and O levels. Apart from academics, we have molded our students holistically and helped them enjoy maths. Read how our students have benefited from our classes!

Hey Kenneth! Thanks for your patience and guidance in H2 Math! I got an A for A Levels. Wouldn't have done it without your help!! ?

Adrena Jurong Junior College

Kenneth was my math tutor through my JC years. Despite my weakness in the subject, I managed to acquire a greater understanding in H2 Math through his guidance and patience. Furthermore, through his life advices, he managed to inspire and boost my preparedness for university.

Nazirah Innova Junior College

Before joining Teacher Kenneth’s class, my additional math was an F9 and I struggled with a lot of topics. But during his classes, even though he would only spend around 5-10 minutes to explain each topic to me, i instantly understood how to do all of the questions and even the TYS became no issue for me.

Maximus Victoria School

Kenneth is a patient tutor who puts his heart into ensuring his students learn from his lessons. He is clear in his teaching and has a unique teaching style which helped me understand the key concepts better.

Jing Ru Millenia Institute

Kenneth is a very patient person and has helped me in pushing my H2 math grades up. I’m really glad I engaged him as my tutor because his lessons indeed helped me to bridge the concepts I did not manage to pick up in school, allowing me to score better in my exams!!

Li Ying Catholic Junior College

Kenneth has a lot of patience in teaching and is very willing to repeat again and again. His lessons are fun and fulfilling at the same time, which made me fall in love with the subject and made it a lot easier to study.

Jia En Catholic Junior College

Teacher Kenneth has been one of the very few teachers who is able to understand my problem with math and someone who has managed to teach me. I honestly never had the confidence of even passing math for my O’ levels but now, not only do I want to pass my math, I also have the confidence that I will ace it. I will always be grateful! Thank you teacher!

Mitra Naval Base Secondary School

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Kenneth was a very understanding teacher who helped me through my education journey. He could tell whenever I was too tired from school or work and would try to wake me up with interesting short stories. With his guidance, I have managed to score well for A levels and secure my place in NUS.

Jing Yong Innova Junior College

Cher is very kind and offer rewards when I score well! Really friendly and easy to talk to! His teaching is always short and simple and makes Math really fun! Last year I got F9 but after taking tuition, I am now the highest in class with A1! I really enjoy coming to tuition and can really see improvements! ?

Yu Hui Deyi Secondary School

Kenneth has helped me in maintaining my grades at A1 and has bridged the gap that was created by my teacher. He can teach very well and has a positive attitude. His teaching methods are efficient and are useful. He explains concepts very well and also teaches the maths that we think is boring and takes the concepts and make it enjoyable. Thanks!

Nipam Unity Secondary School

Kenneth is an industrious individual who always strives to make the best out of his students, regardless of background & performance. I improved from scoring F9 in my school prelims to achieving an A2 in my O levels.

Benette Evergreen Secondary School

My Kenneth has allowed me to understand many topics I did not understand as well as clearing doubts about topics I understood, in 1-2 months, my maths went from F9 to B4, which was my first pass in math since I started secondary school education.

Ryan Secondary School

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I remember that my results were not consistent in year 2 and had some difficulty grasping concepts. Doing other schools paper made me even more jittery as I had trouble doing most of the questions. Then I managed to chance upon Kenneth’s tuition. He was able to clearly explain the concepts that are required for A Levels H2 Mathematics and my Mathematics improved over time. Do join his classes!

Nicholas Tampines Junior College

Teacher has helped me improve my grades from an F9 to an A1. He rewards me when I score well or do a question well. He teaches me very patiently and is very funny and nice. He always helps me when I’m stuck with a question.

Thrisha Naval Base Secondary School

Mr Kenneth is a patient and dedicated tutor. He is committed in his teaching. I am grateful to Mr Kenneth as I scored well in the subject under his guidance. A highly recommended mathematics tutor.

Glenn Zhenghua Secondary School

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One lesson for math changed my C6 to A2. Xiexie.

Sanjay Queensway Secondary School

Kenneth is a patient tutor and is effective at helping us understand how to apply the various mathematical equations.

Yasmine Innova Junior College

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His teaching is really fun and always finds ways to make it engaging and understandable for you. I improved from F9 to A2 for my common test.

Amirul Ezad Clementi Town Secondary School

Kenneth is a very patient teacher & he also uses easy & understandable techniques to solve difficult questions, making them easier to solve. He also likes to motivate weaker students such as myself to do better & pursue that dream that I want to achieve. With that, I have also nicely achieved A1 for one of my mathematics topics, just only through 1 lesson of that particular topic!!

My recent weighted assessment has improved tremendously to 90% after I used the techniques taught by him.

Azhad Boon Lay Secondary School

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Kenneth is a very very patient and friendly maths tutor that helped me in my weakest topic A math and helped me improve from F9 to A2. He cleared my doubts and taught me new methods, this helping me achieve double As for Maths.

Radium Secondary School

The H2 Math Classes have helped me a lot in strengthening my fundamentals. It has helped me clarify all my basic misconceptions that couldn’t be clarified during lectures. Kenneth is extremely patient in teaching and his classes were relaxed, fun and productive. Thank you! ?

Doreen Anderson Junior College

Kenneth is a good teacher with a strong passion to teach and have a strong sense of responsibility over his students’ grades.

Yong Jun Kranji Secondary School

Kenneth is a very dedicated teacher who puts in a lot of effort. For an example, he often stays back to help clarify concepts that we were unable to catch, and also helps us with our questions through WhatsApp. He has a fun and humorous character which helps him keep his class interesting and engaging

Zheng Jie Pioneer Junior College

Kenneth is very passionate and enthusiastic in teaching. He will explain patiently on how to solve the questions. He is also very admirable and tries his best to make the lesson interesting.

May Ying Millenia Institute

Kenneth was my first and only teacher for my Additional Mathematics. He was a very patient teacher that makes the lesson interesting yet easy to follow! Managed to get my grades from a F9 to an A2, within the few short months, just in time for my O Levels!

Yong Xiang Fairfield Secondary School

Back when I was studying in Secondary School, I was pretty bad at Math, somehow managing to score a single digit in test. It was slightly after that when Kenneth begun teaching me from the basics, although I tend to forgot things fast due to my memory, he was patient and kept up with my pace while making sure I understood the things he taught. His teaching style is simple yet precise as he picked out the things that I was weaker in and came up with a way for me to overcome that problem. At O Levels, my grades jumped 6 grades! This was a big improvement! So all in all, he is a very nice and caring teacher!

Zheng Seng Fairfield Secondary School

I was recommended by my friend who was tutored under Kenneth. I was a slow learner and relatively weak student back then, but he was always patient while teaching me, following my pace and would not hesitate to give me extra hours of tuition time near exam period, or whenever he felt that I need. Kenneth provided me with lots of relevant practices and go through them when necessary. He also diligently prepared questions and self-written summary notes that he thought were important for that topic and revised them with me. The encouragement and confidence he gave me was what I needed during my stressful JC period.

Yun Wen Jurong Junior College

Kenneth is a very passionate tutor. Whenever I face a problem in my work, he is always more than happy to identify and aid me in working through the problems. In addition, he is also very patient and ensures that we understand fully before moving on.

Ethel Jurong Junior College

"When my daughter was preparing for her “O” Level exams, she was quite behind in her studies. She hasn’t had much tuition before Kenneth was recommended by a friend as she was averse to the idea of being tutored. But when Kenneth started teaching her E Mathematics, she quickly found it helpful and became more enthusiastic. Her non-resistance is proof that Kenneth’s patient, gentle approach and his grasp of the subject as well as question answering technique won over my daughter enough to set her working harder and grow in confidence. It was quite a relief that she finally found a tutor who can help her achieve better results. In the end, she scored an A2 for Mathematics in her “O” Levels. I am very appreciative of Kenneth’s efforts and tutoring method, and I highly recommend him." - Xin Rou's Dad

Xin Rou Fairfield Secondary School

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Kenneth is very patient and explains whenever I do not understand and puts it in a way that I can understand and grasp the concept.

Hui Min Jurong Junior College

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I have gained so much from the tuition with Kenneth. He prepared questions on every lessons and went through with me the concepts for each topics. My results have improved tremendously and I am grateful for his help.

Kum Yuan Kranji Secondary School

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Kenneth is very patient in teaching, he makes it comfortable for us to ask him questions when we are in doubt and he is very nice and accommodating.

Li Ting Millenia Institute

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Kenneth is a good tutor that is patient with me and is willing to go through concepts and formulas until I fully understand everything.

Dong Han Fu Hua Secondary School

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Kenneth is passionate in teaching his students math well. He is patient and would explain on how to solve the math problems whenever students are in doubt. He also print out extra notes and worksheets for students to refer and practice. I enjoyed his tuition very much and I would definitely recommend him to other students.

Mei Juan Millenia Institute