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Mr Kenneth Chua, Head Tutor

Mr Kenneth Chua, Head Tutor

Mr Kenneth Chua, Head Tutor

- Graduated with a Bachelor of Science majoring in Statistics and Applied Probability at the National University of Singapore.
- Obtained High Distinction in Advanced Calculus
- A Math Tutor in Singapore for over 10 years
- Taught over 200 students

Kenneth specialises in teaching Secondary O-Levels Additional Mathematics, Elementary Mathematics, A-Levels H2, and H1 Mathematics. As the head tutor in Kiasu Maths, he believes that the subject is of reach to many students in Singapore with a proper teaching methodology that will not only hone numeracy skills but will also pique students’ interest in solving Mathematical problems through real-life applications.

Talking about real-life applications, being a strong advocate of giving back to society, Kenneth was a former President of the Rotaract Club of Singapore and is currently active in community service and professional development projects.

Kenneth believes in making lessons fun and interactive so as to stimulates students' attention. He also believes that each student has different needs and that it is important to cater to them individually. As an experienced A-level Maths Tutor, Kenneth is capable of tailoring lessons to be easily understood by students of varying abilities.

Mr Phua Yan Kae, Associate Tutor

Mr Phua Yan Kae, Associate Tutor

- Graduated with a Bachelor in Accountancy at Nanyang Technological University
- A Math Tutor in Singapore for over 10 years

Yan Kae has a track record of consistently assisting students under his care to obtain distinction in their national examinations, no matter their prior grades. He is highly determined in encouraging his students to go beyond their comfort zones when it comes to studying Mathematics as he believes that everyone can excel in the subject as long as they put their hearts into it.

As an H2 Maths Tutor, Yan Kae believes in the importance of explaining difficult topics in simple manners, ensuring that students understand and grasp each concept easily. He also strives to keep each lesson entertaining, so that students are motivated and ready to learn.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are plenty of math tutors in Singapore today but finding the best one will lead you closer to your desired academic excellence. That being said, you should try to find a math tutor who has good academic qualifications, has a long teaching experience, offers various tuition levels and is recommended by his/her previous students and other credible entities.

Math tutoring is a supplementary learning given to students who are handicapped in the particular subjects and those who want to have an advanced study as preparation for higher learning. Many students in Singapore are enrolling in Math tuitions to back their studies in school.

There are various ways to tell a good rate for a Math tutor in Singapore. Moreover, the rates vary especially on private or part-time tutors. Thus, it is recommended to consult a Math tutor that is affiliated with a tuition centre for a fixed rate.

The pool of online math tutors in Singapore is already saturated. Since the competition is stricter now than ever, being an online math tutor may be quite challenging for beginners. However, if this appeals to you as your calling, you can always take the step and offer your service online or you may apply as a tutor in a math tuition centre.

The rates of math tutors in Singapore vary depending on several factors such as their qualifications (as former teachers or those with a degree in education often offer higher rates), whether they have a physical learning centre or not, as well as the programme you wish to get for your child. It is always wise to send an enquiry to your chosen tutor for the exact rate.

The hourly rates of math tutors may vary depending on their qualification and the academic level of the learner. For instance, a typical part-time math tutor may have an hourly rate of S$15 to S$60 depending on the child’s academic level. Former teachers have higher hourly rates ranging from S$40 to S$130.