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What is an A-Level Maths Tuition?

Some learners are gifted, some excel in a certain subject more than the rest of their class. In Singapore, the individual capabilities of the learners are respected and nurtured. One of the best things about the teaching methodology of Mathematics subject in Singapore is that it caters to every student in their own mode of learning. This system gave birth to A-level Maths Tuition. Also known as Advanced Level Mathematics Tuition, A-level Maths Tuition is recommended for students who greatly excel in the mentioned subject. This will provide them with a great advantage in learning Mathematics lessons that are already in the College level curriculum. Thus, letting them excel in their future endeavours should they decide to pursue Math related courses in prestigious universities.
If your child is already showing interest and excellence in his Mathematics lessons, it is best to hone his skills more through proper mentorship. Kiasu Maths’ tailored programme for A-level students will help your child in more complex Math topics to improve his numerical skills, critical thinking, and confidence in solving Mathematical equations.

Frequently Asked Questions

The average rate of an A-level math tutoring service in Singapore is around $210 per month. However, you might need to consult several math tuition centres to come up with the reasonable price that suits your budget and other requirements.

The price of A-level Math tuition services in Singapore may vary from one tuition centre to another, or from one private tutor to another. There are several factors such as the frequency of the sessions, the qualifications of the tutor and the certifications of the centre that may affect the hourly rate.

There are various considerations to tell a reasonable price for an A-level math course in Singapore. To get a rough estimation of how much should you pay an A-level math tutor, it is better to ask for quotations from various tuition centres for comparison.

Looking for recommendations from parents, reading learners’ testimonials and researching about the tuition centre’s capabilities and achievements are just some of the ways to find the best A-level math tutor to help your kids in their studies.