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O Level - Additional Mathematics Syllabus

Taken from:
MOE 2021 Additional Maths Syllabus 4049

The Additional Math syllabus prepares students adequately for A-Level H2 Mathematics, where a strong foundation in algebraic manipulation skills and mathematical reasoning skills are required. The content is organised into three strands, namely, Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry, and Calculus. Besides conceptual understanding and skill proficiency explicated in the content strands, important mathematical processes such as reasoning, communication and application (including the use of models) are also emphasised and assessed through the help of a qualified math tutor in Singapore. The O-Level Additional Mathematics syllabus being offered under O-level Math Tuition assumes knowledge of Mathematics in ordinary level.

1. Algebra
1.1 Quadratic functions
1.2 Equations and inequalities
1.3 Surds
1.4 Polynomials and partial  fractions
1.5 Binomial expansions
1.6 Exponential and logarithmic functions

2. Geometry and trigonometry
2.1 Trigonometric functions, identities and equations
2.2 Coordinate geometry in two dimensions
2.3 Proofs in plane geometry

3. Calculus
3.1 Differentiation and integration