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O Level Math Tuition | Conducive Studying | Kiasu Maths

How O-level Math Tuition Provides Conducive Learning

With the current COVID situation as well as the upcoming national exams, students are spending more time studying indoors at home. Here are some tips to create a conducive studying environment for your child and help them score well, supplemented with help from both H2 and O Level math tuitions.

Create a designated study space.

While it can be more convenient to just use communal areas or your child’s existing bedroom for studying, picking a room or area for a designated study space helps your child to focus effectively for longer periods of time for both studies and online H2 and O Level math tuition classes, ultimately resulting in better exam performance. As your child will be studying for extended periods of time, here are some considerations to take note of.

First, ensure that your child’s chair and table features proper ergonomics, such as back support and ideal height to rest their arms comfortably and avoid wrist and back strain. A spacious table also provides sufficient space to write comfortably and be well organised, allowing your child to find their revision notes and practice papers with greater ease and have writing utensils, calculators, and paper within easy reach. Lastly, a study space near a window makes use of natural light, which helps students learn and concentrate more effectively when studying while reducing eye strain.

Remove unhelpful distractions.

Homes have become more crowded and noisy, with parents switching to remote work from home as well as children engaging in online learning. This creates a lot of movement and activity, which can cause significant distraction to children preparing for their exams. As such, keeping the study space free from distractions helps your child concentrate on their revision and their H2 and O Level math tuition classes.

Children should avoid being near their computer, laptop, or smartphone while studying, with the exception of having online math tuition classes or searching up concepts online. Parents should also strive to avoid causing distractions themselves, such as requesting their child to help with errands. Some students also study better with music and using earphones, which help to dampen background noise that can be hard to deal with, such as renovation works.

Have a study routine.

The O Levels is one of the first daunting national exams that students experience, and having the discipline and rigour to adhere to a study routine is essential in helping them score well. A study routine allows students to properly prioritise their studies, such as choosing to focus on subjects they are weaker in. It also provides them the flexibility for scheduling rest periods in between studies, as well as time for leisure activities to unwind and avoid burnout.

Using a daily planner is also highly recommended for students taking both the O Levels and A Levels alike, and helps in setting daily revision and practice goals to make preparation more manageable and less daunting. H2 math tuition further reinforces concepts that students learn through regular practice and revision, as well as providing individualised attention to help them work through topics they are weaker in.

Be involved in their studies.

Compared to other subjects, Maths is a much more application-heavy topic. Instead of memorising facts, students are expected to apply concepts and formulas to novel questions posed in exams. Parents are encouraged to be involved in their child’s studies, which can range from asking them to thoroughly explain how they derive their math solutions to understanding their syllabus and answering their homework queries wherever possible.

Parents are also encouraged to seek feedback from their child’s O Level or H2 math tuition tutors and school teachers to keep abreast of their progress. Kiasu Maths has numerous testimonials from students who have excelled with the help of our committed tutors, who strengthen students’ fundamentals while making learning both fun and engaging.

Looking for a reputable O Level or H2 math tuition in Singapore? Get in touch with us and help your child excel in their exams today.