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Should My Child Choose To Study H1 Or H2 Mathematics In JC?

The majority of JCs require their students to enroll in either H1 or H2 Maths as part of their A Level studies. A common question O Level students have is to decide which one is suitable for them. Read on to learn the difference between H1 and H2 Maths, and the key role that H2 maths tutors play in helping students score well.

How do H1 and H2 Maths differ?

Similarly to other H1 and H2 subjects, H1 and H2 Maths differ in terms of scope of contents as well as assessment methods. H1 Maths is designed for students eventually seeking to enroll in business and social science majors, with a greater focus on statistics than pure maths. It culminates in a single 3-hour long A Level exam paper split between both Pure Mathematics and Probability & Statistics, with questions that involve real-world contexts of business and social sciences. 

In contrast, the H2 Maths Syllabus is much more extensive in terms of its scope and questions, due to being suited for students eventually pursuing further studies in maths, science, engineering, and other related fields. It includes additional topics such as Vectors, Sequences & Series, Complex Numbers, and further calculus sub-topics such as integrals and differential equations.

The H2 Maths A Level exam is split between Paper 1 and Paper 2. Paper 1 consists of 10 to 12 questions involving Pure Mathematics, with certain questions involving real-world contexts of science and engineering. Paper 2 is similar to H1 Maths’ single paper in terms of mark allocation and scope, while also having questions with a similar application basis as Paper 1. JC H2 math tuition goes a long way to helping assuage both students and parents’ academic concerns, equipping them with the proper foundations and rigour to help them excel in their A Level Maths exams.

How does choosing H1 or H2 Maths affect future careers?

One of the main reasons students choose to study H2 Maths is due to it being a prerequisite for virtually all science-related careers in universities, such as Science, Engineering, and Medicine faculties, as well as other careers such as Economics and Law. While challenging, H2 Maths covers key concepts and formulae that will serve as a foundation for the aforementioned majors. This is why having the support of skilled H2 maths tutors is crucial to preparing your child’s future and allowing them to grasp H2 content with ease.

One of the key aims of H1 Maths is to train students to apply basic statistical techniques to analyse data and make effective decisions, which is ideal for students firmly planning to pursue a career in the Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences or Business. This allows them to lighten their overall study load and focus their academics on other subjects. In addition, students who only took E Math during their O Levels are also encouraged to take H1 Maths, while students who took A Math are encouraged to take H2 Maths in JC due to having stronger foundations in Math.

JC H2 math tuition such as Kiasu Maths goes a long way to helping students to build up their foundations, starting from as early as their first term in J1. Maths is a subject that requires constant practice and active application of concepts, as compared to other subjects that focus more on memorising key concepts, such as Chemistry and Biology. In addition to thoroughly breaking down complex topics, math tuition also provides additional practice and trains students to answer questions effectively under pressure.

In addition, JC H2 Maths tuition helps to identify areas that your child may be struggling in, providing more personalised support to work though these areas and help them improve. Kiasu Math’s H2 maths tutors are also firm believers in making lessons fun and interactive, captivating students’ attention and helping them stay motivated while internalising math concepts more effectively.

Looking for a reputable JC H2 math tuition in Singapore? Get in touch with us and start preparing your child for the A Levels today.