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A Quick Guide To Helping Your Child Ace Their A Level Maths

Constantly practice.

In contrast to other subjects such as Humanities, Maths relies heavily on regular practice, particularly when applying formulas and concepts to novel questions posed in exams. Instead of avoiding difficult questions, students should strive to challenge themselves and continually focus on weaker topics, taking the effort to try their best to fully answer a question before referring to the answers for practice papers.

In the long run, students will grow familiar not just with which formulas to apply to each type of question, but also speed up their time taken to answer them, which greatly improves their exam performance under time limits. Kiasu Maths’ A Math tutors also strive to make lessons fun and interactive, stimulating students’ attention and focus during tuition classes and making their practice more meaningful.

Review previous topics.

The H2 Maths syllabus has numerous topics crammed within a few short years of JC education. Students may find themselves fixated on more recent and difficult topics that they learn, such as calculus and complex numbers. This may result in them neglecting previous topics, such as equations and inequalities as well as sequences and series. In turn, this can reduce their confidence and familiarity with them, leading to an unnecessary loss of marks during mock papers and exams.

The best H2 math tuitions in Singapore regularly go over previous content, particularly during revision sessions. At Kiasu Maths, our A Math tutors adopt a step-by-step approach to break down complex topics into manageable chunks, allowing students to have ample time to internalise concepts and seek support from our tutors for further clarification.

Arrange for regular consultations.

The lecture-tutorial style of education in JCs often leaves students hanging with numerous doubts, due to the reduced ‘hand-holding’ provided by tutors as well as only having limited time during tutorial sessions, where tutors usually go through assignments that students have to complete on their own time. This means that the onus lies on students to arrange for regular consultations with tutors, to avoid an accumulation of issues across Maths and other subjects.

Experienced A Math tutors help to supplement students’ consultations with school tutors, particularly if they are busy attending to other students. Kiasu Maths’ tutors adopt an individualised approach when providing consults for their students, repeatedly going over concepts and ensuring that they are fully able to comprehend and apply them. Students also have more time during each consultation to properly share their concerns, allowing them to learn more during each session instead of waiting for the next one.

Have a proper revision plan.

JC is a busy time for most students, having to juggle their academic workload alongside CCAs, external commitments, and leisure time. Without a proper balance, this can lead to added stress and even burnout, which can significantly impact their academic performance and overall wellbeing. A revision plan allows your child to properly pace themselves in advance, setting aside proper time for each subject and having the flexibility to rearrange their study and leisure as they see fit.

Kiasu Maths’ tutors are here to help students who are weaker in Maths, supporting their learning and also being available for parents to consult with regarding their child’s overall revision progress.  If your child is strong in Maths, they can then prioritise other subjects they may be weaker in, with weekly sessions at H2 math tuitions to maintain their expertise.

Seeking out the best H2 math tuition in Singapore? Get in touch with us and help your child excel in their A Levels today.