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Why You Should Build Your Child’s Maths Skills From Young

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Math is one of the earliest skills that children encounter and hone from a young age. Beyond helping your child score well for their exams, easing them into math from young is essential for their growth and development. Read on to learn more, as well as the benefits of learning with math tutors in Singapore.

Why should I train my child’s math skills from a young age?

Children all go through early childhood development, which is the period from birth to around eight years of age. During this period, children experience both physical growth as well as peak brain development, where they are highly influenced by both their environment and interactions with others. Children who are well supported and nurtured physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually will develop robust neural connections, which will serve them well as they progress through life and encounter new challenges, experiences, and people. 

Having an early introduction to math with help from math tutors in Singapore taps into this crucial period of early childhood development. It nurtures skills such as critical thinking and problem solving for your child, which sees extensive use beyond academics and into daily life, empowering them to make wise and sound decisions for themselves and drawing connections between other concepts they have learnt when faced with novel challenges for more effective and faster learning. 

In addition, allowing your child to learn math skills and concepts from a young age allows them to handle basic tasks in life, such as paying the right amount of money for food at school canteens, or calculating the time taken to travel home via public transport. This builds up their confidence and independence, allowing them to grow up healthily and well-adjusted. Finally, being exposed to math from young allows your child to grow familiar with it, opening the doors to potential careers in their future such as programming and engineering.

How does math tuition in Singapore benefit my child?

Starting early with primary or O level math tuition in Singapore has numerous benefits for your child. Firstly, math tuition is essential for students who are less inclined towards math, and continually find themselves lagging behind in their studies. If left unaddressed, students’ weaker foundations can impede their ability to learn new concepts, resulting in poorer grades and confidence. Math tuition provides students an avenue to directly address their concerns to their tutors, as well as continually practice until they are familiar with their content.

Secondly, math tuition caters to students of varying academic abilities. Brighter students may find the school curriculum boring, consequently losing motivation and focus which can lead to poorer scores due to overconfidence. Math tutors in Singapore stimulate students’ focus and growth by providing additional content beyond the scope of what they learn in schools, frequently involving concepts in higher learning. Kiasu Maths’ O Level math tuition incorporates fun and interactive activities to help students learn effectively for both E and A Math, keeping them engaged while helping them score well.

Thirdly, math tutors in Singapore provide supportive guidance for young children, particularly for primary school students who may not have yet built up the self-control and discipline to focus and prioritise their learning. Through rigorous class assignments as well as individual attention from tutors, children are guided to improve their exam performance through quickly identifying and applying the right formula to various questions, while learning good study habits that will be useful for their future learning.

Lastly, good math tutors in Singapore go beyond just teaching students, being committed to their holistic success. They act as mentors who inspire and motivate students, acknowledge their hard work and improvement, and celebrate each of their successes. In addition, they also provide feedback to parents on the progress of their child’s academics, flagging out weaker areas for parents to work together with their child outside tuition hours to improve both exam scores and confidence.

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