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3 Steps to Ace Your Mathematics

Many students find math a very daunting subject and, perhaps, even exhausting or painful. At KiasuMaths, we strive to change your perception and make math your favourite subject.

Let us share how we will help you to score that distinction.

1. Gain an Understanding

“Math is difficult because there are just so many formulas to remember!”  This is a top comment that we hear from students and parents. Granted, we agree that the list of formulas that students is required to know are indeed lengthy, and this list increases as you progress from secondary school to JC, and even to polytechnic or university.

HOWEVER, many formulas become common-sense once you comprehend each concept. You may find that you no longer have to “memorise”. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to take time to cultivate understanding in each topic, so that you know how to apply the right formula at the right time and in the right manner.

2. Practice

Practice, practice and practice. Many students know that they need to practice but often, they do not do so sufficiently. Once you understand the concept, it is time to practice. A good place to start would be your individual school’s tutorial questions, which should be aplenty. This is necessary in order to reinforce your understanding and memory, and to improve speed. Studying for any subject is akin to learning sports – you need practice to commit your techniques to muscle memory.

3. Stay Cool

The MOE syllabus is shifting towards real-life application, which adds an extra dimension to the “old-school” questions. Real-life application questions require critical thinking; during each examination, students should stay cool and:

(i)    Read the question carefully

(ii)   Identify and apply related concepts

(iii)  Solve the question

KiasuMaths can help you.

It is quite common that students have trouble comprehending maths from just their school lectures or tutorials. At KiasuMaths, we help students to make sense of math by simplifying concepts and making math easy for students to understand.

We select special questions to check each student’s understanding. This helps to prepare students for key exam question types and patterns, as well as real-life application which the MOE syllabus is shifting towards.

So, are you ready to ace your Mathematics?